Before arrival

Important information

Below this text you can find official Welcome Guide provided by university of South Bohemia, which can answer some of your questions and it is good for you to read though it carefully. If you will need any more information you can get these here on our web site or on our social media (such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp groups). You can also get more information about Erasmus itself in Erasmus coordinator office in country where your university is.

Getting buddy

Getting friends here in Czech republic is as easy as fill one form below, Czech student will contact you before you will arrive, so you will have enough time to get know each other. We know how hard it is to be new somewhere and not even speak their language, so we will try to help you to feel welcome here. We can help you translate within dorms and university, with transport from airport and around České Budějovice and we can even show you around if you will need us to.

About czechia

Czech republic is beautiful country in the heart of Europe. You can find here big diversity – lakes, forests, parks, mountains, UNESCO heritage and also historical places (towns, cities, castles or even chateaus). Our country is everyone cup of tea, coffee, beer (whatever you like). Find below what your experience here can be.