First time in the Czech Republic? Don’t worry, during our culture evenings we will guide you through our national cuisine, teach you a little bit of Czech, show you some of our traditions. Also, we would like to know more about your culture. Yes, yours! What is going to be the next culture evening about? Finland? Spain? Papua New Guinea?… It’s up to you.

Sport activities

Not vainly it is said “healthy body healthy mind“. Sometimes you just need to relax and have a break from studying. You can go climbing with us or go jogging to catch some fresh air. Maybe there is a tennis tournament to win. Name any kind of sport activity. We have equipment for it. Except surfing – there is no sea here. 🙂

South bohemian region isn’t just our city. There are many cultural and natural spots that are worth visiting. If you like the rush of the cities, Český Krumlov is just the place you’re looking for. Or would you like a place where you can find your inner peace? Our National park will provide you enough tranquillity. The scale is wide, all you must do is to choose, where is your adventure going to take place next time.

In Erasmus you’re never alone. In České Budějovice neither! Enrich your foreign stay with parties (every has a different topic), board games, language exchange events and much more. You can also participate in a project called Erasmus in Schools in which you can introduce your culture to the local students and share your experiences.